Thursday, February 12, 2009

Old work in Progress!

I am feeling very guilty about this work in very slow progress (some call these wisps). I started this beautiful BOM years ago and it is "Fairy Kisses" by Hugs and Kisses.
I was reading Helen's blog the other day and she asked people to email her about how far along they are on this project. I did and admitted that I had stitched every piece but hadn't put it together which is very slack! So I got it out and took some photos. This is the centre block. 

The ones below are some of the others. Even the larger borders are stitched. I am trying to make myself guilty so I will finish this project. I chose not to colour in the pictures as Helen did on her original. I really do like to stitch more than piecing on the machine. I am hoping to get started on the piecing very soon.


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