Thursday, June 25, 2009

Beautiful pattern and dessert

My friend Paddy is back in Canberra for a short visit from India, where she is living for a few years. It is so lovely to chat and see her again in real life instead of just by email! She showed me this gorgeous quilt pattern that she is planning to make. Lots and lots of needleturn but such a lovely result. Very tempting. Such a shame I have so many other things to finish and so many other patterns!
Couldn't resist taking a picture of my dessert on Friday night! The main meals were small but this dessert was unbelievable. It had 5 profiteroles for just me! I didn't eat them all and took some home to share with hubby. We were out celebrating a friend's birthday and had a lovely evening.
Some of the girls had tiramasu (not sure of the spelling) and that looked good too.

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Cristina said...

Il Persian Garden รจ FANTASTICO...
un bacio