Monday, June 8, 2009

Unusual gift!

I have had a busy weekend with lovely visitors. My parents-in-law, brother-in-law and sister-in-law came to Canberra for a flying visit. So I have had a busy time socialising and organising meals etc. It was lovely to have them all. So not much stitching to blog today.
I did start this pattern a few weeks ago as an unusual gift for a friend. She doesn't read blogs so won't see this! My friends from the Bay have one person each to purchase a birthday gift for each year. I have bought some goodies for my person and wanted to stitch something. She isn't a stitcher really but years ago we saw this pattern and she said we should get together and stitch it one day!
It is quite a large quilt now that I have prepared it. I have stitched 2 sets of backgrounds and have fused one for my friend as she likes to blanket stitch. Hope she still likes blanket stitching and I hope she still likes the quilt. Might get some threads to go with it too.
I might try to fuse something onto my background today as it is rainy and miserable and wintry here. We do need the rain so I am not complaining.

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FIONA said...

I think your "special person" will love this birthday gift Sylvia - it looks lovely!