Friday, October 30, 2009

Geraldine Brooks at the National Library

One of my favourite authors gave a lecture at the national Library last week. Geraldine Brooks is an Australian who now lives mostly in the US. "Year of Wonders" , below, is a fabulous book and one of my favourites. She has also written "March", which is about the civil war, and is the story of the "Little Women"s (another favourite of mine) dad in the war. Her latest book if called "The People of the Book" and it was another great read. Her lecture was so interesting.
Geraldine later signed books.
Here is my daughter, Lyndal, getting her books signed. I had left mine at home!

After the talk there were drinks and nibbles and it was all free. It was a lovely thing to do.

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Gina E. said...

I heard about the book "March" and have been wanting to read it, so I'm glad I read your post, as it reminded to seek the book at our library.