Saturday, October 3, 2009

More beautiful embroidery

Here are a few more lovely pieces from the Embroiderer's Guild exhibition. This is a beautiful box with hardanger or counted thread work on the top.
This little tree is decorated with the loveliest beaded decorations. They were designed and made by Jenny Bradford.
This is some amazing machine embroidery with a painted background.
As Floriade is on at the moment in Canberra (though it is raining and quite chilly for it today), it was lovely to see these embroideries done on photographs and embroidered with ribbon and thread to give a fabulous 3 dimensional affect. Sorry about the reflections.
After the display, we went to the Hyatt and had coffee and cake, which was very good.


Hanna Samuel said...

Amazing.... I heard a lot about this Embroiderer's guild exhibition. It was a great event for embroidery digitizing lovers.

Brian Smith said...

Embroider's exhibition is great initiative for to appreciate the Logo digitizing work and their professionals.