Sunday, December 13, 2009

Hobbysew Christmas party and Show and Tell

We had a lovely time at Hobbysew on Saturday as we had a Christmas morning tea and Show and Tell as well. It was so inspiring to see the many quilts and other stitching that the ladies had completed in classes throughout the year. There were about 20 ladies.
Helen Godden was our special speaker and she came along with a wish list for Santa. She assumed that as it was a Christmas party that Santa would be there so she could sit on his knee! Helen had listed a 12 days of Christmas wish list, with so many fat quarters, rulers, tape measures etc. She even sang some of it.
Helen also shared her first piecing! Or so we thought! Helen has very cleverly painted the strips and then quilted them to look like piecing!
This is Cathy's Mystery quilt revealed. Cathy teaches a mystery most years and they are always lovely quilts.
Here are 2 other quilts done in the Mystery class. They are so different but so effective.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Sylvia..
Looks like you have fun at Hobby sew...and I think the painted/quilt is cool...
You do very nice work, and I enjoyed looking at your blog! Merry Christmas..and God bless you!