Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Special Friends

After meeting in town to shop and lunch, the ladies came back to my place for a quick visit. Here we are. It is so lovely to keep in contact with such a special group of friends even though I now live so far (2 hours) away.
Di was my Christmas buddy this year and she stitched me a Christmas tea towel and bought me the loveliest Christmas apron and a very useful Book Seat! The latter is very good for me as I love to read and especially in bed. What a wonderful gift.
After the ladies headed home, I found a card placed sneakily on my kitchen bench. Inside was a card from Karen and she had given me one of these beautiful bobbin lace ornaments from Slovenia. I had much admired the one that Fiona was given for Christmas! What a lovely thought. It is hanging on the tree right in the front!
I did try to learn how to do bobbin lace years ago and found it quite a difficult skill to master. You need lots of practice and I like so many other forms of stitching that I gave up! How terrible!

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Gina E. said...

My MIL gave me a similar piece that she started more than 70 years ago, but never finished, and was hoping I would have a go. Sorry, Mum dear - I would not know where to start!