Friday, February 26, 2010

Stitching Journal

I recently started to use this lovely journal that was sent to me by my Stitcher's Angel, Gladys, last year. I am a LIST maker and have kept a notebook recording my stitching progress and my plans and even wish lists for years. My last book started to fall apart so it was time to start a new one. This book and its beautifully stitched cover is going to be my stitching journal for the next few years. I love to tick off when parts of things are done and use it as I plan classes and stitching days to keep a record of even small achievements.
Here is a typical page and I do love it when all the spaces left are ticked! It did give me a shock to check through the old book and see how many things were stitched and not made up. I am hoping to finish some of the smaller projects starting with one each week. This is just one page! I think I wrote up about 6 pages of BOMs and other things that need doing!
This blog is wonderful too as a record of work completed but I still do like my little journal.


Wendyb said...

Nothing like a list to motivate you!
sugary hugs
Wendy :O)

Gina E. said...

I am the List Queen Down Under - LOL! I've often thought of making a journal of some kind of my stitching, but apart from photographing everything I make, and keeping it on file on my computer, I haven't written anything in a book. If I did, I'd want to start from the beginning, and that would be such a daunting task, so I keep putting it off.

Anonymous said...

I'm a list maker too. What a lovely journal cover . . .

Regards, Sue