Saturday, February 6, 2010

Wednesday night's class

It was great to get together again on Wednesday night for our first class for 2010. There was so much chat and sharing. Some of the girls had show and tell and here is a little of it. Linda, who is our patchwork high achiever, has made 2 lovely kids' quilts, one for her son and one as a gift. The fabrics are so happy and cheerful and very retro too. They have been professionally quilted and look great. The top one has been quilted with numbers in the quilting.

Barbara has been busy too and has decorated a teatowel. I love the french knot berries on the top.
Carol pretended she had made this wonderful doll! It was a gift from her talented sister, Wendy. She is so lovely and we all wanted one! The fabric colours are so perfect. Might have to get the pattern, which we do have at the shop.

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FIONA said...

That Carol is a wag!! Very cute doll - I have seen it made at Stephs! Aren't we lucky to stitch with such clever ladies?? xx