Sunday, April 4, 2010

Folk Festival

What an amazing range of music there is to be experienced at the folk festival. There are choirs singing in the street. This is the Strange Weather Gospel Choir from Canberra.
Most of the venues are too dark to photograph with my little camera but here is one band in action.
We stayed in the Marquee for a few earlier acts and managed to get front row seats for the Beatles Singalong. It was wonderful and such fun. It is always lead by Bernard Carney and he does such a good job aided by some fellow musicians and singers.

On Saturday we went to lots of wonderful shows like the "Singing Penguins", an acapella group who are really lovely singers and sing funny songs, some fabulous guitarists, an American singer with racy lyrics and some folkies from Sweden, to name just a few! More to come today after church. 
Happy Easter Sunday. 

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Janelle said...

Great to see the photos of the folk festival. We really enjoyed the day there on Friday. Good entertainment, food and company. It's a bit cool for swimming here at Cronulla, but great to see the ocean.It's relaxing just to sit and watch the waves.