Tuesday, April 6, 2010

More Folk Festival scenes

Here are a few more Folk Festival views. There was dancing to watch and to do. There were some fabulous costumes from all over the world.
There was shopping! This was a lovely shop with felt items.
Clothes to buy...

and more performers. This is Mal Webb and he was a highlight. He used his voice and recording to create some fantastic songs, mostly written by him. He was so clever and entertaining. Sometimes others helped him perform his songs, as in this picture.

Then there was the food. You could eat food from almost all over the world! Some favourites were the dutch pancakes, Turkish gozleme (yummy flatbread with spinach and cheese and meat if you wanted), german sausages of all kinds (kransky, bratwurst etc) with sourkraut and sauce and delicious Ethiopian food too. That's just a few of the food choices. Oh dear, back to making dinner tonight!

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