Saturday, April 24, 2010

Trip to Sydney

Janelle and I headed off on Wednesday to visit Ma and Pa. We had to have a little visit to Berrima Patchwork on the way. Isn't the tree a lovely colour?
We enjoyed watching the birds in Ma and Pa's backyard. They just love splashing in the birdbaths.

We also HAD to have a shopping trip, actually two on the same day, to Roselands. We went in the morning, went home for lunch and then went again later in the afternoon. We kept Ma out till after 5pm which is something she hasn't done before! We also had morning and afternoon tea the the Cookie Man. They make yummy coffee there and you get two little biscuits too.

Just realised that I haven't drawn my giveaway yet. I think I might draw it tomorrow and see if anyone else comments on the 19/4 post.

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Sara B Creazioni said...

I would like to be there with you! One of my dream is make a journey in Australia. I have some parent that lives in your beautiful country.
Bye bye