Sunday, June 27, 2010

Clever ladies and some stitching

Anita has been very busy and shared this amazing quilt with us on Wednesday night, It is very large and fits a queen bed right to the floor!
Sue has stitched one of these delightful cartoons from Anni Downs' Boy book.
Najelle brought in these fantastic slippers she has made from a magazine pattern. Aren't they great?
I have been stitching a little and have put together three of these lovely decorations from the "Quilt a gift" book. I am hoping to make some more of these delightful projects soon.


FIONA said...

Lovely decorations Sylvia and I love Najelle's slippers too! They are very cute! How many decorations are there altogether? You have been busy!!

Chocolate Cat said...

Oh I love Najelle's slippers, I saw the pattern in the magazine and thought it might be a good project for Mum!!