Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Visit to Victoria

We are safely home after a lovely visit to Drouin in Victoria to see our "old" friends, Glynnis and Ian. We have been friends for 35 years as we met just after we were married! It was a very special time as even though we don't see each other often the friendship is still so strong and we enjoy getting together. Mostly we chatted and ate. It was lovely to see two of their grandchildren too.On Sunday we had a little outing to Yarragon. This is a favourite place of mine and I have been there a few times especially to visit Candleberry country, a really lovely patchwork shop full of samples and fabric. As well as that shop there are great shops full of beautiful handmade items. Here is just one of them.
I loved these little miniature prints.
Here is another view.
And here is Candleberry Country. They had some lovely things there but I was good and didn't buy anything. I AM going to the Craft show this week! I just hope this cold, mainly an irritating cough, goes away soon.
It was a really special time though it is a long way to go from here.

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