Monday, August 29, 2011

We're in London!

We flew out of Sydney on Thursday and arrived in London on Friday. Friday was a long day of flying! I did enjoy watching all the movies and the flights were really quite OK. Lots of time to stitch! We are having 3 nights in London so have just planned to see a few things this time. My priority was to visit the Victoria and Albert Museum and spend a day checking out the textiles....but, they weren't there! They have been removed and won't be seen for ages. That was disappointing. I did enjoy checking out the William Morris designs and searched out a few other bits of stitching. They did some wonderful embroidery, lace making, tapestry etc in ages past. Here are some examples.

It was hard to get the pictures as it was dark and most things were behind glass.
Look at these amazing stitches.
This is one of William Morris' designs. There were some amazing pieces that he designed and made. He created rugs, hangings, wall paper, tapestries and furnishings too.
I loved this piece of art above our heads made with "squashed" musical instruments.
This amazing coat was beautifully hand quilted.
Here is another superb piece of embroidery.
This lovely baby's dress was knitted with really fine thread which almost looked like sewing cotton.
We did manage to spend a very nice morning at the V & A even without the embroideries.


Googy Girl said...

Wow they stitching and knitting and all the other designs are amazing.....
it a shame the V & A things weren't there but what you have seen is wonderful

Cardygirl said...

Have a great holiday...lovely embroideries!

Show and Tell said...

Have a lovely time Sylvia.....Shame about the display that was not there....I am sure will enjoy yourself anyway....Hugs Kate...

Janelle said...

Good to hear all is well. Enjoy London. J x

SandyN said...

Wow how beautiful is the display... Have fun in London