Tuesday, June 25, 2013

York and Castle Howard

On Tuesday, 18 June, we headed to York. The last time we were here we were in our 20's! It was very special to come and visit this lovely city again. We started our visit with delicious morning tea with scones, jam and clotted cream! We then headed into York Minster for a guided tour. It is an amazing cathedral and it was wonderful to hear about its history.

 One of the main windows, which is mostly medieval glass, is being restored. Because of this we were able to see these pieces close up in a special exhibition. Normally you can't see all this detail.

We then visited the Treasurer's house which was very interesting.

 This is a picture of some very old stumpwork which was framed in one of the rooms.
You can do free walking tours of York so we joined the afternoon one. It was very interesting and informative.

On Wednesday, we headed to Northallerton to look up a bit of family history. We also went to Aldborough, which is where Bruce's great.......grandparents were married. It was amazing to go into the church and see the town where they had been.

We also visited Richmond and Thirsk, which were both nice towns. On Thursday we headed to Castle Howard, which was wonderful. It is an amazing castle and it is extra special as Brideshead Revisited (both the 80's and the recent version) was filmed here.

Friday was very wet so we had a bit if a lazy day and just visited Scarborough again the afternoon. 


Melody said...

Brilliant photos

Suedio said...

What a treat to see the medieval glass up close. And to be in the church where Bruce's long ago ancestors were married - not an opportunity many of us get. Great photos too!

Jean said...

how interesting to see through a visitors eyes the Nations treasures near where I live...Hull....or to give it its full title..Kingston upon Hull !Jean