Sunday, May 18, 2014

Busy week...

I can't believe where this week has gone to! It was a bit busy. Last Sunday was Mother's day here in Australia so we had afternoon tea here. It is always busy with the little men and it is getting hard to get a photo of them together or with their mum. 

 I had finished the quilts (shown in the previous post) but here are the boys enjoying the bags! They have played with them again several times this week.

 On Tuesday night they came here for their first sleepover at Nanna and Pa's place! I was a little worried about them and while they did the right thing and slept, I was very restless! It all went very well.
Wednesday came and Shirley came into social stitching with some lovely projects! They are all looking so good.

 Then on Thursday we headed up to Sydney to see Ma and Pa. Pa has been in hospital for a few weeks and had just come home. Nice to see him back home again though he is very frail.


Anonymous said...

Hi Sylvia lovely pic of you and your daughter and the boys.So glad your Pa is better and back home,hope you have a lovely sunday.xx

Suedio said...

Well done on surviving your first sleep-over, Sylvia. Hopefully next time you'll get a bit more sleep!!


Janelle said...

Great pics.x

Janelle said...

Great pics.x