Sunday, December 27, 2015

Lovely gifts

It has been so nice to relax over the last few days and think about other things besides Christmas. Nice to get some stitching done too. Just needed to share some lovely gifts I have received recently. Lynda from the Wednesday afternoon class came on the last day with these gorgeous crocheted and knitted decorations for me! Thanks so much, Lynda. They look great on the tree.

 Paddy popped over recently and gave me this lovely little bird decoration and this very special little cushion.

 Even the back looks great!
 Lovely to have Penny and John visiting from the UK and Penny gave me this delightful little bird for my tree.
 I was so excited to receive these lovely stars which were crocheted by my daughter, Lyndal. They are so gorgeous!

 One special gift this year came from my girls and is this gorgeous silk scarf in liberty fabric! I just know I will wear it so much!

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