Saturday, December 19, 2015

Some days at the coast

We headed to Merimbula last Monday for a lovely few days away with friends. We stayed at the Woodbine Eco Cabins and it was such a nice relax in lovely surroundings. We had special visitors too!

Please note the joey hanging out of this one's pouch!
All of us headed out for a walk on Wednesday. It was a beautiful day out.

 Some even had a swim.

 Some went on a very long walk on Thursday! I enjoyed a visit to town, a coffee and a relax with some stitching. They did see some wonderful scenery.

 Here are some of the intrepid walkers!
I did manage to stitch one decoration for last week (one per week till Christmas) and finished it off last night. It is a lovely new design by Marg Low.

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