Sunday, September 4, 2016

Denali National Park

Today we are actually in Utah where it is very hot. So hard to imagine that just a week or so ago we were in fairly chilly Alaska. On Monday, 22 August, we were up early again in order to catch the glass roofed train to Denali. The trip was good even though weather was a little dull and rainy. We were on the train for most of the day, having lunch on board.
We arrived at the McKinley Chalet Resort at 5.30pm. Had a wander around and then enjoyed dinner with Kate and Shack (our friends from the cruise).
The next day, we headed out on an old school bus around the Denali National Park. It was a great day and we managed to see quite a few animals including some bears (6, I think), some caribou, a squirrel and some birds.

 Look at this photo carefully as it is a mother and its baby.

 The scenery was amazing.

We were very fortunate and were able to see the base of Mt Denali (used to be Mt McKinley). 

On Wednesday, we caught the shuttle to the Visitors Centre and went on a Nature Walk with Ranger Jake. It was very interesting and we luckily didn't see any bears.

 We also went to the research centre which was interesting. I especially liked the quilt showing the flora and fauna of the park. It was very impressive.

 In the evening we went out to dinner once more with Kate and Shack. It was great fun getting to know these lovely friends.

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