Thursday, September 15, 2016

Yosemite and home

On Tuesday 6 September we drove through Yosemite National Park. The scenery was beautiful but it all became a bit frustrating as we got closer to the park as road works had begun with very little information given to visitors. We couldn't find parking and only just managed a half hour park to get some lunch. In the end we just left the park in the bumper to bumper slow traffic and headed back out! It was a shame but still a a lovely place to see.

We then had a long trip back to San Francisco.  The next day we had to fill in the whole day till 11.30 pm when we were due to board our plane home. We ended up checking out a beach area of San Francisco, visiting Macys again and finding a patchwork shop. It was a lovely big shop which was a bit tricky to find but it was nice to have a look.

We even managed to find a golf shop and then headed to the pictures to see the new Ben Hur. It was very action packed and filled in another 2 hours. We then headed to the airport with the usual hassle of getting fuel, and had a bit of dinner there and relaxed before our long flight home. Thankfully we both slept which helped greatly with the jetlag!

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