Monday, August 24, 2009

The Home Patch Pictures

I attempted to take a few pictures of The Home Patch to share with you. The first one is a bit (lot) fuzzy but shows you some of Anni's quilts and the lovely array of felted wool fabric.
Here is another corner of the shop. Everywhere you looked there were samples, beautiful fabrics and homewares all displayed so beautifully. You can see why we visited for hours. There was something to see in every corner.
Here is another view.
And another.
Margaret and Anni and her husband Peter were so lovely and helpful. We wanted to get some kits and some felt for a few patterns and it was no trouble to prepare the kits for us. Peter even showed us the quilts that will be in the Anni's new book for boys coming out later in the year. It was so exciting to see them. We managed to finally leave after closing time and then went to a lovely Thai restaurant for dinner.

I do hope you can see the pictures this time. I gather some have had trouble and today they had vanished from my post as well!


FIONA said...

Looks absolutely gorgeous Sylvia - I'm envious! Although I did get to spend the weekend with my beautiful daughter who returned from overseas and her big brother who bought her down from Sydney! So that was nice!

barbara said...

Thanks for the lovely photos Sylvia. What an amazing shop. I do hope that you and Audrey will bring along some of your goodies for show and tell on Wednesday evening.