Sunday, August 30, 2009

The finished bookmark and spring flowers

Here is the bookmark that I have finished from Anni Downes' book "The World as it should be".
I have just visited Anni's blog to get her address (to highlight it above) and she has posted a picture that may be the cover of her new boys' book. When we were at the shop Peter showed us all these original quilts! Very exciting. Here is the picture from her blog. I don't have any boys but still want a case I might have a boy to make things for one day. I think it has projects for big boys too so might be useful for that as well.
Boy book cover
I am not much of a garderner but here are some of hubby's pansies and a few daffodils. Spring might eventually come to chilly Canberra. The sun is lovely today but the wind is so cold!

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