Thursday, August 27, 2009

Shopping and work in progress

As you know, I have been raving about our trip to Bathurst. Now to what I bought out there! We all bought lots of lovely things. I am teaching the gorgeous projects out of Anni's book in term 4 so I bought some fabric to make the cushion in the book. Here is a picture of the book and my cushion fabric and the applique I have been working on for the cushion. It was fun to do.
I also HAD to get some felt and some lovely fabrics and couldn't resist some neutral fabrics to stitch on.
I also bought some sand (!) to fill the little pincushion kit below and a kit to make up the needlecase for the classes.
The main reason to go to The Home Patch was to get this kit for the woven wool felt decorations. Audrey has been working on these and they are so lovely. I posted some of Audrey's ones a while ago.
And that's not all of it!

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