Monday, September 7, 2009

Christmas show and tell

Margaret has finished these 2 little hangings from the newest Nancy Halverson book, I Believe. I do plan to make some of these eventually. There are so many lovely projects in the book.
Audrey is working on this quilt by Lynette Anderson. It is the same as the one that Danielle finished. It is looking so lovely. Can you spot the difference between this one and Danielle's? Audrey has stitched the cross stitches and the borders. Looks great, Audrey.
It is always so nice to see what the girls are stitching and have finished on Wednesdays. I will miss seeing them and their work during our weeks without classes. They will have so much to show me when we meet again. Only 2 sleeps till Melbourne and 5 sleeps till the stitching day! Don't forget to check out the stitching day projects posted on September 4.

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