Sunday, March 14, 2010

Fun Saturday

We had a very special day here to welcome Penny back from frozen England. She is here to visit for a couple of months and it was fun to have some of our friends from church here to catch up with her. We had such good food! We started with the most delicious pancakes and a lovely berry sauce for brunch (thanks Sue), continued on with cheese, dips and chocolate and some of my favourite peppermint crisp meringues. We then had takeway pasta for dinner and even dessert. We all ate far too much.
In between all the chat, a few people worked on this puzzle and we played a mad Australian game (thanks Kathryne!).
We were so lucky to have Roz with us as she played my neglected piano and we had an Abba singalong. It was such fun.
We then watched bits of this DVD and joined in with the singalong words. Absolutely mad but such fun.

Thanks to all the ladies for bringing such yummy food to share and for coming and enjoying the day. Penny and I are going to have a very quiet afternoon of stitching, reading and perhaps a nap to recover.


Janelle and Richard said...

What a wonderful day we had! I thoroughly enjoyed it. Thanks Sylvia (and Bruce) for allowing us to take over your place for the whole day! Janelle x

Chocolate Cat said...

Sounds like it was so much fun. Think we may need to make some of those peppermint crisp merangues for easter - yum!!