Friday, March 26, 2010

A kit prepared and Wednesday's class

We did this little (it is only 45cm square) quilt last year at the May stitching day and I have the pattern at Hobbysew now and they asked me to prepare some fabric kits on Tuesday. I really enjoyed hunting for the right fabrics for my little houses, trees, grass, roofs, doors and windows.
Luckily we have lots of beautiful small print fabrics so here is the fabric pack.
In class on Wednesday afternoon, Margaret had played with the Starry quilt and made bigger stars and has used brighter fabrics but it is going to look so good and be much easier to make. There were over 600 little 2 1/2" squares in my version.
Margaret has also been stitching the journal cover in colours to match her fabric and it looks really good.

I have also joined a Stitch-A-Long with Chookyblue and lots of other ladies. We are working on Anni Downs' beautiful Gardeners Journal quilt, which you know I have already started! I thought I could keep up if I have a head start and it will be fun to share the making of the quilt with others. It will also keep me on task if others are doing it too!
It was  got so exciting on Wednesday to see the beautiful Scandinavian Christmas quilt on Lynette Anderson's site and several of the girls from the night class are going to do too!!


Chookyblue...... said...

pleased you joined us to do gardeners journal.........hope I can keep up too......

Karen said...

I like any quilt with houses on it. This is a good one.

DAWNIE said...

Love your little quilt - will be good to see everyones progress in the Gardeners Quilt journey - I too have joined