Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Special gift

I received a very special and early birthday gift this week! My hubby bought me a "Kindle". It is a electronic book reader. You download the books to the Kindle and it stores lots of them and it is lovely and light to use and especially to take on holidays. I so love "real" books and enjoy reading but this will be so good when we go away. It is light and easy to use, even for me! Hubby is enjoying reading "Hick Finn" at the moment. You can put old books on it for free. He downloaded "Anne of Green Gables" for me as it was one of my favourite books as a teenager. I am not ready to use it yet as I am still enjoying the last Stieg Larsson book.
I am thrilled with my special present and am sure I will enjoy using it very much.


catita said...

what a special present!
I know that i should not be jealous
but, i am.....
enjoy it!

Chocolate Cat said...

Oh this looks so much fun! Enjoy!