Sunday, March 21, 2010

Very special sheep and some hardanger

I have had some very lovely but busy days recently so have run out of time to blog! So a quick post to show you Donna's wonderful sheep. They are grazing on a navy blue blanket and are so beautiful and soft with all their grub stitch wool. Donna hasn't finished yet and is adding the more grass for the sheep to eat.
This is the lush grass she is stitching. Lucky sheep!

On Wednesday evening, Sue brought some "hard"anger that she has completed. She assures me it isn't hard but very time consuming and you have to be able to count! I find it hard to be completely accurate and you have to be to be so accurate to do this lovely work. Fantastic job, Sue.

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Gina E. said...

Lovely work on the sheep, but the hardanger...oh wow -how exquisite. I've had people offer to teach me this, but at 60+ my eyes and fingers are long past sewing something so fine. But I do love looking at it.