Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year

I have so enjoyed reading and seeing the 2010 year summaries on several of my favourite blogs that I thought I would look at the photos and make some collages. It had been a really healthy and happy year for us. We have been blessed with some wonderful family and friend times, two fabulous holidays, some great outings and lots of stitching.
The year started with Amy and Gav buying their house and then ended with them moving in recently just in the next street. We enjoyed James and Sarah's wedding as well as Emma and Sarah's engagement parties and Christmas, of course. Always lovely to spend time with the family. We also had a very special time visiting the Murrays in Victoria.
We were very blessed with 2 fantastic holidays. Our first was to Europe and England which was wonderful. We toured Kent, visited the Winters in Cambridge and then we cruised to Greece, Dubrovnik and Ephesus.
We also spent time in Italy enjoying the wonderful sights and food.

Our second holiday was a cruise to New Zealand with Ma and Pa and Jeni and Paul. We had such a special time.

In between all these events, I had plenty of time to stitch. Karen and I had a wonderful time at the Immerse Stitching Day, I went and had a great shop at the Sydney craft show, the Hobbysew classes were fun and Fiona and I ran quite a few stitching days. It was a very busy year of stitching with several BOMs, My Garden and Crazy Christmas on the go, and all the fun of making the Gardener's Journal with the Stitch-a-long girls. I do hope to finish those soon as there are some others I hope to start in 2011!
I have so enjoyed blogging and sharing my stitching life, and other things too, again this year. Thank you for coming and reading my ramblings and for filling my life with so many online friendships. 

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Tatkis said...

It was such a good year for you!
Happy New Year and I wish 2011 to be even better :)
Hope to see your new creations soon!

Best wishes,