Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Sashiko, a finish and some gorgeous decorations

I made it to stitching last week and Angela was choosing fabrics to complete this amazing sashiko quilt. It started as a panel and she has hand stitched all the sashiko and it is looking fantastic.

I can show a little finish. This is the lovely pouch by Leanne Beasley that I started at the Immerse stitching day. It is looking a little pink as the lining was quite a bright pink!
Popped in to see Adrienne yesterday and enjoyed seeing her lovely Christmas decorations. These caught my eye. Here is a whole tree full of Mill Hill cross stitched ornaments. Don't they look wonderful? Adrienne has stitched them all!
Here are some closeups.

It was lovely to see her felt bird and the felt pear from the stitching days as well. I do love the way Adrienne has done the bird's tail feathers.


Svetlana said...

What a beautiful sashiko quilt!!!
And tree ornaments are so adorable!!! Birdie so cute!

Patty C. said...

The quilt is beyond compare - gorgeous !!!!

Anonymous said...

Lots of lovely stitching...

Grethe said...

Beautiful Sashiko,looks stunning,
and great way to put the ornament, I have the tree,so next year it might be full:-)
Lovely stitiching on Leanne`s pouch, I am looking forward starting soon on mine,soon one day!

Florence said...

Wow !! That of lovely things!!!!