Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Ledbury and Tewkesbury

On Saturday we farewelled Penny and John's lovely home and we headed off for a lovely day together, visiting Ledbury and Tewkesbury.
 Our first stop was in a lovely town called Ledbury and there was a parade on. All the dignitaries were all dressed up and there was a band,sailors and soldiers.
 This old sailor and his dogs came dressed up for the event.
 We then headed to Tewkesbury which is a lovely place. We spent some time in Tewkesbury cathedral, in between weddings!  It was beautiful...very old and very big.
 In contrast, we also managed to visit the old Baptist Chapel which was fascinating. It was so simple and plain in comparison with the cathedral. It had been started in the 1600s.

 We also visited a museum and a tudor merchant's house which was fascinating.  This is the little back door....perfect for short people!
We also fitted in yummy lunch and afternoon tea with cream teas as well. We then said farewell to Penny and John and headed to our B&B near Cirencester.