Sunday, September 18, 2011

Sunday in Cologne plus a summary of the last few days

We had a lovely day yesterday cruising along the Rhine and enjoying all the castles! We have seen come wonderful sights along the way. On Wednesday we visited Rothenburg, which is such a lovely place. We had perfect weather too plus there are Christmas shops to enjoy! I came here in 1997 with Mum so it brought back good memories of our trip.

 We walked around a part of the old city wall.
On Thursday 15 September we visited Miltenburg which was another lovely German town.

Instead of visiting Frankfurt we chose to go to Heidelberg. We did drive around Frankfurt which was interesting. Heidelberg was beautiful!

On Saturday we visited Rudesheim, then sailed past so many castles on the Rhine (check Bruce's blog for good pictures) and then had a lovely short visit to Boppard.  In Rudesheim we went to a museum which has an amazing collection of music machines!

 We headed up on this cable car to see the misty view.
 Check out these beautiful cakes! So tempting even after a delicious breakfast on the ship.
We had a very pleasant afternoon of scenic cruising past the castles and then enjoyed a glass of new wine and a  beer for Bruce in Boppard.

We have been in Cologne today and have seen the famous cathedral in the rain. 


Kiwifruit-Shiree said...

Hi Sylvia, sounds like a fabulous time, I am sure you enjoyed Heidleburg, I just love it there!! One of my favourite places. Have fun!

Chocolate Cat said...

Oh I don't think I would be able to resist!!

Janelle said...

Wonderful photos. I noticed the blue sky. So many lovely places.