Monday, September 5, 2011

Stitching and a castle

On the 1 September we had another lovely day starting with the morning in Hay. It was market day and the fresh vegies, bread, cheese and all sorts of other goodies looked delicious. Penny and I had been tempted on our previous visit when we had visited this lovely little wool shop and bought some wool, a pattern and some knitting needles (I know, Paddy, I was tempted again). The wool had been dyed by the lady in the shop and she had created the patterns too.

 Here is my scarf! It is a bit longer now.
 I have been stitching a little in between doing touristy things. I am trying very hard to stitch the rest of this border of the Vignette quilt. Nearly there!
 I did manage to finish the stitching on this Christmas mat from the Jukejema retreat.
In the afternoon we went to Hereford which was a nice town. The next day we headed into Wales and visited Dinefwr Castle, Newton House and Park. It was a beautiful house to wander through.
 Here we are in the gardens.
It was a fairly long uphill walk to the castle but worth every step as the view was spectacular. It was fun climbing around the castle walls too.


Janelle said...

Wonderful places. So good to see. Glad you're enjoying yourselves.J xx

Googy Girl said...

wow the view was definitely worth the walk, what a lovely looking castle, i am so jealous.....

love the colors of the wool, absolutely beautiful, and your stitching is lovely
i am really enjoying your trip away...