Sunday, May 27, 2012


Here is the wool that I bought at the markets last weekend and I have been knitting! I have quite enjoyed it as the wool is 4 ply and the needles are normal size so it all seems to go smoothly. Mind you, I have been a bit lost with the patterns as the instructions have changed and I have forgotten things over all the non-knitting years. Thanks to the ladies on Tuesday who helped me out!

I had forgotten to share these lovely photos with you of some great stitching. Coralee has finished her little zippered purse and it looks so good. She has done a beautiful job.
 She has also finished her little Daisy doll.
 Barbara had beautiful show and tell too. Isn't this a lovely teatowel she has embroidered?
 Barbara had also put together her little Noah's ark stitchery into a little pillow. Looks great.


Googy Girl said...
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Googy Girl said...

It's funny the weather gets a bit cooler and my thoughts turn to knitting......

your friends stitching looks wonderful