Friday, May 19, 2017

A little stitching...

We were pretty busy on holidays but I did manage to do a little stitching. I took far more but that was just in case! I managed to stitch one United Stitches block.
 I had drawn up these two stitcheries for labels for Anderson's Farm and The Story of my Day.

 It is lovely to do a bit of canvas work on the plane so stitched this little red house.
 My last project was to start this scarf in lovely wool I bought last year at the wool day at the Bus Depot Markets. It is only 2 ply wool so the scarf is taking a while to crochet but it is fun. Might just be tempted this weekend as the wool day is on again.
 I didn't do much shopping. I only bought a few bits for the children and a bit of clothing. I did get these balls of wool and a few bobbins from the Stott bobbin factory.
 It was my birthday while away and Penny gave me this gorgeous bag with some lovely wool pieces and some embroidery needles. So special.
 When I returned, Lyndal gave me this gorgeous kit for a Rosalie Quinlan necklace. Can't wait to start!
 Lyndal also made me this lovely crochet bag (to put my wool in of course) and this beautiful ball of wool. Very spoilt!
 It was lovely to go to stitching again on Wednesday and Roni had finished this gorgeous cushion!


Connie said...

Love your work. Very nice.

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