Thursday, December 23, 2010

Baking, wrapping and some lovely gifts

Rushed these photos yesterday so they aren't great. Had a massive afternoon of baking yesterday (not my favourite thing to do!). I made these fiddly truffles which taste lovely and appear easy but aren't! I also baked/ prepared another batch of shortbread, chocolate balls, pavlova....
and peppermint meringues. I was so tired after all that work. The kitchen is still grubby and needs a major clean today. We are having our family Christmas tonight and so all needs to be ready.
The gifts are wrapped. I had forgotten how long it all takes.
I also received some lovely gifts this week. How lucky am I? See the gorgeous little Christmas house behind the bears.
This is the loveliest tea caddy with a very special glass bee hanger.
I also received this crocheted decoration.
Another special gift was this little blue and white ceramic machine. It will go so well with my blue and white crockery. I feel very blessed to have such lovely friends.
A friend sent me a link to this amazing video on YouTube. Worth watching to see a digital version of the Nativity. Check it out at


Patty C. said...

Merry Christmas

Char said...

Love you blog. I made truffles for Christmas also. Very, very messy!

Chocolate Cat said...

Peppermint crisp meringues are still one of our favorites for special occassions after you shared the recipe with me many years ago!!! Not sure that Mum remembered to make them this year though as requested!!!!