Thursday, December 9, 2010

Christmas parties and a new tree

Today is another busy "party" day with both morning tea, lunch and dinner out! It is a shame everything is on the same day. Thought I had best blog first though before heading out. Went to a lovely dinner out last Saturday with some stitching friends (after battling horrific rain, instant rivers over roads and road closures to get there!). The photos weren't too good as it was dark but here is the lovely Royal Doulton decoration I received from Secret Santa (Thanks Maree).
This lovely Santa was one of the other gifts.
I also had a delightful evening celebrating Christmas with my Book Club ladies. Kate is such a lovely hostess and always makes the tastiest pudding and here it is! It was delicious.
Here are some more decorations.
I also wandered into the mall yesterday heading to get some lunch and Bed, Bath and Table had their decorations on sale and I just HAD to have this metal tree and a few other bits and pieces!

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