Friday, December 24, 2010

Christmas Eve, Eve

We had a lovely night last night celebrating our family Christmas. We are heading to Sydney as usual to celebrate with Ma and Pa and the family that are able to get there this year. Thus we had our gifts and meal together last night. We ate far too much as I always have too much food! Couldn't even fit in any Peppermint meringues or truffles! I'll be taking them to Sydney so we can enjoy them there. Before dessert, pavlova and berries, we gave out our presents and they were lovely. We thought the wrapping was a bit over the top on this gift. Lyndal assured me that the shop had wrapped it and not her!
It contained this delightful necklace. Can't wait to wear it.
I was also surprised by this beautiful diamond necklace. Isn't it gorgeous! I feel very spoilt.
I also received this cute book of spaghetti recipes in the shape of a spaghetti packet.
We were so full of food that we didn't even cut this wonderful rocky road pudding from Fancy That. Oh well, it will last till later!
Just a last few decorations and then it is Christmas. I walked past my favourite shop again and bought this big wire tree for outside at half price. I couldn't resist.
Lastly, this is one of Anni Downs' designs and it is a favourite. I do love working with felt.
I wish you all a very happy and blessed Christmas and enjoy this special time with your families and friends.


FIONA said...

All beautiful Sylvia - how spoilt are you??? Lovely necklaces!! Enjoy Christmas with Ma and Pa and give your beautiful girls a hug from me! See you soon!

Grethe said...

Enjoy being spoilt:-)
Merry Christmas to you!