Monday, April 7, 2014

Kagashima to Miyajima, Japan

We had one more stop on the cruise and that was at Kagashima on 29 March. It was raining so we caught the shuttle to town and then a tourist bus. I think this would be a lovely place to visit on a sunny day as there is lots to see. We then had one more day at sea and then managed to get to Osaka on a variety of trains and met up with Annemarie and Garrick. We stayed in an amazing hotel in Osaka and the view from the quite luxurious room was of the Osaka Castle and parkland. Osaka castle was beautiful as were the blossoms. We were so lucky to see so many blossoms.

 We saw a lovely temple near the castle and this couple in traditional dress on their wedding day.
 On Tuesday, 1 April. we went on a boat ride along the river nearby which was good. In the afternoon we went to the Osaka Aquarium, which was amazing!

 On Wednesday we packed up and headed to Hiroshima. We came here to go to the Peace park and it was very moving to see where the atomic bomb landed and of course the many consequences. The Children's memorial was particularly moving with many stories written and told by the children of their experiences of the bomb. This clock is stopped at the time the bomb hit.

 We then headed to Miyajima Island by train and ferry. It is a gorgeous place and well worth a visit. There are deer roaming around and the highlight is the Tori gate and the shrine. The blossoms were gorgeous here too.

 We stayed in a traditional hotel here which was very interesting. We had to leave our shoes at the outer door and wear scuffs everywhere.
 We also slept on the futon beds which were placed on the floor in the evening.
There were lots of cute shops here selling souvenirs so we explored them in the rain and then found a really delightful restaurant (the only one that seemed open) for dinner. We had tempura seafood which was delicious.


Kaisievic said...

Wow! Japan is so pretty and it looks like you saw a lot whilst you were there. Thank you so much for sharing.

Snippets of Time said...

After stumbling onto you blog looking for ideas on quilts, how I found you I don't know. Have kept following your holiday because I'd just been on the same ship. Had to comment and say that I'm thoroughly enjoying your photos.
Enjoy the rest of the cruise and look forward to seeing more of your photos Dee