Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Tokyo Day 2

Today we have just arrived in Kanazawa after several train trips. Lovely to have nice quick internet in the hotel. Had best catch up on Tokyo first. On Saturday 5 April we headed to Shinkuju and visited the Gyoen National Garden. Even though these photos have few people in them the park was very busy. It was a lovely place to visit. Gorgeous blossoms, tea rooms and people having picnics everywhere!

 Groups of people set up tarps and their picnics everywhere.

We then checked out some beautiful department stores. The shops in Japan are so beautifully decorated.

 We had a delicious and cheap lunch at this sushi train restaurant.
 We then headed to an older part of Tokyo called Yanaka. There was an old cemetery and some temples.

We then headed back to our hotel and went on the light rail. It was a lovely way to see the sights near to where we were staying.


Anonymous said...

OMG what a beautiful place,lovely pics Sylvia.xx

Janelle said...


kiwikid said...

Beautiful place - love the cherry blossom!