Tuesday, April 1, 2014


We are now in Osaka, Japan, after 2 weeks cruising on the Volendam. We had a good time. Good food, good ports and met some lovely people too. Our first port of call was in Shanghai. The first day, 20/3, was fairly smoggy which was a shame. We walked and walked and visited the Yu Yuan gardens, which was full of lovely old buildings and ponds.

 You headed into the gardens through these old streets.

 The skyline in Shanghai is amazing. These buildings have almost all been built in the last 25 years!
 This is part of the Bund.
 Bruce took some great shots at night from the ship.
 In the afternoon after a wander down Nanging Rd, which is the large shopping street, we went to the Shanghai Museum. There were some lovely costumes and some embroidery as well. The calligraphy was amazing too.
 The next day was a bit clearer so we went up one of the tall, very tall, buildings to check out the view. It was amazing!

 Here is another view of the Pearl Building.
In the evening we took an excursion to see an acrobat show. It was spectacular. It was a magical performance with a huge variety of acts.


Anonymous said...

love seeing all the places you are visiting Sylvia,thankyou for sharing.xx

Janelle said...

Great to see the pics of Shanghai. looks very interesting indeed. Glad the smog wasn't all encompassing.