Friday, April 11, 2014

Mt Fuji

On Monday, we headed out early as it was a lovely clear day to see if we could see Mt Fuji. We started out on the local trains and had the very interesting experience of being pushed into the train as it was still peak hour. It was so weird to be so close to strangers! We then caught the Shinkansen or bullet train and then bought a ticket for quite a variety of transport, including a pirate ship, to see the mountain from a variety of spots. We were so lucky as the weather was perfect and the views of Mt Fuji were amazing.

 There was snow and then hot water and steam coming out of the ground.

Today we leave Kanazawa and head to Kyoto for our last stop on this trip.


Smily said...

It's gorgeous! I like mountains, they always look very impressive!

Anonymous said...

wow what beautiful pics Sylvia,safe travels my friend.xx

Janelle said...

What a fantastic opportunity you had to see Mt Fuji so clearly. Great pics too.

Lyndal said...

It's nice to see a picture with Dad in it!