Thursday, April 10, 2014

Tokyo day 3

On our third day in Tokyo we headed to the Tokyo National Museum. It was a wonderful museum full of precious items from Japan's history. There were beautifully embroidered kimonos, calligraghy, swords, armour and gorgeous ceramics.

 This is just part of a picnic set!

Behind the museum were some gardens and some teahouses.

 We then wandered around the Asakusa area where there were markets and older streets.
 There was also the oldest temple in Tokyo. It was raining so many umbrellas went up as we followed the crowds into the temple.

 This is one of the covered market areas.
 In the little streets around the temple there were lots of these local eateries or pubs!
 We then headed back to Ariake on the light rail and thought we would check out the outlets! It was all decorated like Italy and was a bit strange. There were lots of shops but they weren't particularly cheap and they mostly had very small sizes!
 We then walked home to our hotel in the cold along this wide walkway.

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Janelle said...

What great places to visit!