Friday, January 22, 2010

Bears and stitching

Hope you are all managing to cope in the heat in Australia at the moment. I am off to kids club and have still not taken any pictures of the crafts. Must try to remember to do that today. Here are a couple of bear friends made ages ago. I made quite a few grandma ones and even plaited the little hat! I was going through my raffia hat phase.The little fellow on the right is a favourite in his little felt vest. They are sitting on a miniature foundation pieced flying geese quilt. Great for using those tiny scraps that I can't bear to throw out.

There had been a tiny bit of stitching. I have finished this month's block of the Gardener's journal quilt. It is the sprinkler one...mind you we are not allowed to sprinkle these days due to water restrictions. I remember loving to run under the sprinkler as a kid in the heat of summer.

Hope you have all had a good week and that you have managed to do some stitching.

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Anonymous said...

Sylvia, those flying geese must be tiny! A job for a day with good lighting, I suspect.

I love the little stitchery. I guess with the water restrictions there's a whole generation (or two) that won't know the joys hot summer days spent running through the sprinkler.

Regards, Sue