Sunday, January 24, 2010

A fun project

I bought this delightful book, "A Boy's Story" by Anni Downes, a while ago and have wanted to make this little robot! Last week I found some time and perused the pattern.

I got out the easyfix and the laminator to make the templates.

Luckily I had some lovely felt colours to play with in my stash.

Here are the pieces cut out ready to do the fun bit and stitch. Felt is so lovely to work with. I have started to stitch and will show you the results soon.

I completely forgot to take pictures of the kids crafting on Friday. It was a bit busy! I did clay with them and they had fun making all sorts of odd things. They liked making bird's nests and eggs and I ended up making birds for the nests. They could also make some great beaded barefoot thongs which were really popular with the girls, do woodwork, colour and cut, paint on fabric, make papier mache fish and make some stitched cards. They enjoyed themselves.

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