Friday, January 15, 2010

Quilting....and a block stitched

Admitting how many things lie unfinished in my stash the other day, has made me take a some action. I finally basted the "Your Home or mine" quilt. I basted it as I thought I would hand quilt it but after attempting to quilt the centre block I have given up on fully hand quilting it. I don't know if it is the bamboo wadding that I chose or the number of seams on this quilt but it is hard to do.

My knees were sore after basting and this is a smallish quilt.

In the end I have decided to hand quilt the little buildings and then machine quilt around the blocks. The quilting is always the downfall for me. I love the stitching and applique and even the piecing but really like to send my quilts away to be quilted. Very lazy, I know!

I enjoyed stitching block 3 of the Crazy Christmas BOM. If only I liked quilting as much as I love stitching.

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Tatkis said...

Oh, I like your quilt very much - such a nice colors and hearts! And last birds are so sweet :)