Monday, January 25, 2010

A very cute robot

Here is the little felt robot all finished! He was such fun to stitch. Here he is sitting with some of the girls' old books. I went through kids books the other day thinking I would take some to the op shop but didn't find many to donate as they held such nice memories. So many of them were their favourites. I can use the excuse that I sometimes use them at school on the odd days that I teach (I don't do that very often these days).

Here he is again. I think he might have to visit Hobbysew and sit near Anni's lovely book.

Here are some of the books on the shelf in the spare room. I do love books!


catita said...

LOVE!!! the toy robot....
i want one...pity i cannot sew....

Angela said...

YOur robot is just adorable!

Renny's little things said...

Hi Sylvia
checked out your robot at the shop last week. He is so cute. I have the book and have started the stitcheries to make the quilt for my 2 month old son. So glad i saw the robot made up I may have to make a couple.
Have a great day
Geniene (HOLT ACT)