Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Lovely pictures

Thought I would share some of the lovely pictures that hubby took recently with his brand new camera. He has wanted an SLR camera for a while and got one of Christmas (aren't I a good wife...). Here are some of his pictures taken recently nearby. He also took the pictures of the kids in the pool. Mine would have been blurry.

I haven't much to blog as I am still quilting and am busy this week at a Kids club at church, every morning this week. I just might take the camera and show you some of the crafts they are getting up to this week. I have spent too much time reading some early blog entries of some of my favourite blogs. One of my favourites is Attic 24. I love her use of colour and the way she shares her life with all of us. There is new little one in their home now which may keep her busy but her old posts about her home, food, scenery and the children are very special. I feel like I know Lucy well and I have never met her. Blogs are amazing.

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