Sunday, August 29, 2010


We have just arrived back in Rome on the train. It is a bit sad to leave the ship and all the food! Still there are lots of lovely things to see in the days ahead. Here is a flashback to Ephesus. It was so wonderful to see these ancient ruins. We had our own guide and he was excellent. There were so many people there and it was hot but well worth the effort.
See all the people!

Some more columns amongst the many tourists.

We were then taken to a rug shop, as expected. It was very interesting as you could see the ladies working on the carpets. They are such a lot of work.
They also make silk ones and here are the silk cocoons ready to spin. The thread created is so fine.
There were some amazing carpets but we didn't end up getting one. 


Janelle said...

Great photos, but it DOES look HOT!

Gordon said...

Nice photos The silkworms were very busy!!!Leg is OK We are both very well